Learn How Predicting Tops and Bottoms
With Amazing Accuracy Can Add BIG Dividends
To Your Bottom Line and Dramatically
Decrease Your Risk Exposure !


Plus, discover the key behind predicting turns in the Futures,
Commodity, Forex and Stock markets that are simple to apply,
yet UNKNOWN to all but just a few!


The key to success in the markets all comes down to timing. In today's volatile markets, you cannot afford any longer to be too early or too late in where you place your trade. In order to keep your risk exposure low and to give yourself the best chance of catching the moves that make all the difference in your trading account, you need to learn the secrets behind real market forecasting.

The newly released Market Forecasting Secrets is exactly what is needed for the astute trader. The secrets contained in this publication are diverse in its coverage of those methods that REALLY WORK! You can spend a lifetime and a fortune trying to discover the information found in this book and never finding it. If you happen to be one of the few that actually put in the time and effort to learn all there is, you may be familiar with a secret or two.

HOWEVER, this book contains market forecasting secrets that I can confidently say 99.999% of the trading population is NOT exposed to. In fact, by the time you get to the end of the book, you will likely react to what this book contains much like those whose comments are shown below.


Market Forecasting Secrets

A Rare Collection of 12 Amazing and Powerful Market Forecasting Techniques

The Most Amazing Forecasting Secrets


What they are saying about this book...

(Note: We were given permission by each of the originators of these comments before posting them here. Privacy concerns were individually respected and met.)

"Rick: The 'Secrets' book is more than fantastic, it is a game-changer, to say the least. Just using Secret #1 has already made me profits, and I can't thank you enough for publishing it." - Paul B., Brooklyn, NY

"Hi Rick, ...All I can say is "HOCUS CRAP"!!! I am just on the first method and tested it and my JAW HIT THE FLOOR. This alone is worth the price of the book. I can't wait to get to the other methods. I mean, holy smoking bejeezers!!!! I so far just tested method #1 on the EUR/USD, but want to try it on some indices and commodities and see what I get. I can't wait to get to the other chapters. This book ROCKS and is WELL, WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!! Thanks for writing it!!!" - Steven L., Silver Spring, MD

"Good day. I would like to thank you a million. What i have now costs a life time. With your secrets book i have managed to re program the way i look at charts. Believe me. I have added 5 more secrets that i soon discovered as my brain was instantly re- wired. I am so grateful to you. Personally i will never would have shared such information. May God Bless you. "   - M. Mandigora, South Africa

"Hey Rick, I wanted to say thank you for making the book and sharing these valuable insights that you have discovered. Those last secrets really made me literally jump in my chair as I was reading them... ...On another side note you really challenged my beliefs about what's possible with this book and I am still working with this internally. It's good to have your own beliefs and perception tweaked a bit from time to time. Bottom line is that I am really happy I bought this book and I want to thank you again for making this available. "   - Nikolaij, Norway

"Yesterday I was going through your book. I think W D Gann is reincarnated in your form. You have done a miraculous job. I loved your Secret #10, #11 and #12 a lot. Its a superb job. If you stop selling this book, this secret would be restricted to a very few. This is what I suggest. Congratulations for your amazing discovery!!! Good Day!!! "   - Subrahmanyam C., India

"I just wanted to let you know Rick that I found your Market Forecasting Secrets book to be totally amazing. Their is so much rich (pun intended!) information within the book on how to forecast future market turns. I was very impressed with the clear, step by step detail you go through for each forecasting secret to show how they are calculated. Secrets 4, 10 and 12 all seem like fantastic ways to profit on the SP 500. The 'bonus' secret (#13) was especially jaw dropping however. I can't believe how simple and powerful that one method is. I'm very excited to implement these secrets for my own trading as soon as I get a chance!"   - Michael L., California

"I don't know how Rick does it. Sometimes I suspect that the ghost of WD Gann is whispering in his ear. Rick's new book, Market Forecasting Secrets, is absolutely incredible! I have known for years that it is much harder to ask the right question than it is to find the "right" answer. When you ask the right questions, and do a little bit of searching, answers just fall into place. But who would EVER have thought to look at some of these things and ask "what if"? This is not to say that every concept in the book is new, but at least 2/3 of them are, at least to me, and I have been trading futures and studying technicals for over 15 years. I am totally blown away! " - Gordon F., New Mexico

"Excellent book! The turning point techniques presented are simple and excellent instructions(and tips) are provided together with ample examples. Any serious student of the markets should now be able to locate accurate turning points in the marketplace." 
 - John S., Arkansas

"There is nothing more exciting in trading than the discovery of the hidden secrets that drive market events. The revelation of these mysteries is even more fulfilling than the money they can generate for the trader who knows how to apply them. Rick thank you for caring enough to share this information."
 - Vida B., California

"Rick: I have to say that I expected your new MFS book to be good, however I found it to be absolutely amazing. Not only did I read the book through once, but twice and will reference it at all times from here on in. I feel as though I should never make another trade or trade decision again without using some of or all of the secrets in the MFS book. I have already checked out a few of secrets to see how well they work and I'm without a doubt convinced that they should be a part of my trading tools from here on in. I have to compliment you on how easy you made it to learn with your diagrams & charts, along with videos which helps anyone understand how each secret works. It’s about the same as you do with your videos, and diagrams on the Fdates membership, which I must say that with your patients and hard work in teaching us makes it one of the best trading memberships I have had the pleasure to be a member of. Last but not least thanks for sharing. It’s worth more than the few bucks we’re paying right now. I wish I would have had just a few of your secrets when I started trading years back, but I have them now and you can bet I’ll make use of them, so on we go."  - Donald S., Chicago

"If you would like a shortcut to understanding how markets really work and to some of the " secrets " that allow prediction of price swings then this book is a must have. I have spent over fifteen years studying markets and have come to many of the same conclusions. To duplicate these findings you must study constantly, while reading everything from Gann, Elliot , Fibonacci and Bayer. If you would like to get right to the important stuff, this book will serve to point you in the direction of what you will ultimatelly discover really matters in market prediction." - Scott P., Florida

Hi Rick, I have finished reading your new book twice and I have found it extremely helpful and insightful! It is an easy read but needs to be taken slowly so that everything sinks in. I particularly enjoyed your sharing your tips and unique techniques near the end of the book. With these techniques I think you have uncovered some treasures that Gann and Bayer would be proud of. I think too that you have helped to lift the veil in which Gann wrote and spoke. Your generosity for sharing your knowledge is greatly appreciated. - Jim S., Illinois

"After receiving the book I sat down that same night and read it from cover to cover. While the first number of chapters covered many aspects already somewhat familiar to Rick's members, the last few chapters blew me away. Fascinating and well written, the ending chapters added a new dimension of thought to my arsenal of trade analysis. In fact, much of what was in the latter chapters was addicting to work through." - Elmer L., Wisconsin

"Rick, as you know I have been a member of [the FDates] forum since the late 90’s and you never cease to amaze me with all the things you do for the members of this forum.  Your new book “Market Forecasting Secrets" tops the list. It is a Jewel. The traders who wisely purchase this book for peanuts now and use it in their trading will reap nuggets of gold in return. It is well written, easy reading and takes you thru each secret step by step with plenty of charts and examples. Great Job  Great Book  Great Forum  Thank you for sharing your secrets." - Don P., Vermont

"[Subject: Best Investment Thus Far]

Rick, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these amazing secrets through your book.

I came across your site while looking for an alternative to a seminar offer I came across about a week ago. The seminar vendor claimed that they would teach how to identify market tops and bottoms (actually classifying tops / bottoms) by +/- 1 bar and the cost was $7,000 plus air travel and stay for a weekend in Las Vegas (Total over $8500)...

Anyhow, thank The All Mighty for you. I am a researcher and engineer much like yourself and have spent all the spare time after my work/job responsibilities during the last 7 years of my life investing in trading education to identify a method of high probability trading.

I got your book Friday afternoon and went through the whole book by Sunday morning. I even applied some of the techniques to current charts and am truly amazed by the potential of harvesting and further applying these techniques.

Your book is by far the BEST of trading education/product investment I've made thus far. I can tell you I have run across some excellent education as well in my pursuit including esoteric / astronomical education. However, when it comes to trading, the fact of the matter is it all boils down to Time and Price and what I have just been privy to in your book is bar none.

I don't know just how I can wait another 2 months to get my hands on Secret 13 ...

A Million Thanks to you Rick for sharing your discoveries at such a reasonable price. The price point truly speaks volumes about your kindest intentions and also the effectiveness of the techniques shared.

I am genuinely grateful for this information."
- AMR, Virginia USA

"Hello Rick,

The day has FINALLY arrived!! According to your greetings letter I can request your Secret #13 after April 7th. It has been a very long wait! Your book is really amazing. After studying your book (and paper trading my old paper charts) I finally pulled the trigger and placed my first trade using Secret #1 (my favorite) and Secret #5 (another great one) last Thursday and shorted 2 June Live Cattle Contracts. After "3" trading days, I got stopped out today with a profit of $1,600!! For what...15-20 minutes a day checking the market? I just can't thank you enough for the teaching and knowledge that you shared with me for such a "small" price to pay for your book...

Thank you again for everything that you have done for me. You're the greatest!"

- George B., Washington



NOTE: This is a physical book and NOT a downloadable product.

The reason I decided to start off with all the comments shown above is simply this. My advisors suggested a super-hyped webpage to sell this book. So I took their advice and put one up although it just did not feel right to me. Why should I hype up a page for something that should be quickly recognized as an rare opportunity by any serious student or trader of the markets? So I took it down and replaced it with this page.

If the comments of other traders who have the book are not enough to be convincing as to the power and value of this offering, then all the charting examples, videos, big headlines and such is not going to do much good either.

At the end of the book there are 3 chapters referred to as the "Special Top Secrets". Why? Because they're so incredible, so amazing, so jaw-dropping that you'll wonder why on earth I decided to reveal them! Any one of these are worth thousands of dollars by themselves, yet this book contains several.

So when you consider the rare opportunity that you have at this moment to learn the REAL SECRETS to picking market tops and bottoms in any freely traded market, then you will realize that I am practically giving this book away for the current price.


Of course, this rare offer comes with a couple of special
bonuses that really puts this opportunity over-the-top.

For a limited-time, purchasers of MFS will also receive
an additional BONUS Secret #13.


BONUS #1: One Additional Secret (#13)


Here is what one reader had to say about BONUS SECRET #13...

Rick, I went through your Secret #13 just now. Needless to mention, I name this secret method "World's 8th wonder". It is giving awesome results for Indian Index Markets as well. I've just backtested and found awesome results. This secret is just beyond anyone's imagination. Now Indian Time is 23:55pm. I would like to spend some more time on this Secret #13 and enjoy myself before going to bed. I don't have any words to say about your discovery!!! Are you planning to come out with any other methods or secrets in the near future? If yes, please do let me know well in advance. ...Great Stuff!!! Keep it up!!!

-- Subrahmanyam C., India

This particular secret I have used for years to prepare my FDate Membership clients for major moves in the currency market, specifically the British Pound, where I originally discovered it. From the comments you see above from the trader in India, apparently Secret #13 works in other markets as well that I'm not aware of!

What is REALLY VALUABLE about this bonus offer is learning HOW this was discovered. For a short period of time, I'm not only going to teach you Secret #13, I'm going to give you a photocopy of my hand-written notes from my trading journal that shows you exactly HOW I came to discover this secret!


Learning HOW A Secret Was Discovered Is Worth Many Times More Than The Secret Itself! You Get BOTH!


When you see how I came to discover this secret, you will have gained an incredible insight that could lead you to make similar discoveries yourself in any market that you choose! This one secret alone is worth so much it is impossible to put a price on it. But for a limited time, you have a rare opportunity to enter the inner sanctum of market forecasting knowledge.



BONUS #2: Access to the MFS Bonus Site

If you have a copy of the MFS book, you will have access to our MFS Bonus site. The site contains videos and software to go along with your book. You will need a copy of the book with you in order to enter the correct access information.

"Hi Rick, First of all, many thanks again for a wonderful Timing book. I have never seen anything like it. I fully agree with the testimonial that you should charge much more for the valuable information. I have already made more than ten times the cost of your book. " - W.C. Chan, Singapore

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** NOTICE: Due to the current COVID-19 virus situation, many countries outside the US have restrictions on their postal services. Please be sure that there are no restrictions to ship to your location from the US to avoid the order being cancelled. Thank you!



Rick J. Ratchford

P.S. Keep in mind: You get Secret #13 and a copy of my journal notes that led me to this amazing discovery that is worth so much more than the price of this book. The bonus will be available 90-days from ordering via email. So please make sure to carefully provide me with your email address when ordering. You will receive a letter with your book order that contains your SECRET #13 BONUS NUMBER. This number is your ticket to this special bonus.

P.P.S This is NOT Elliott Wave! : This book includes 12 UNIQUE stand-alone methods/techniques that are used to forecast new market moves (turns) in advance. They can be used separately or supportively. The emphasis is on TIME, as to 'when' to expect the market turn.

SHIPPING INFO: We ship USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days U.S.) within the U.S.A.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.: We ship USPS FIRST CLASS PARCEL (usually 6-10 business days). May take longer due to COVID-19.


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** Due to the sensitive nature that is contained in the MFS book as well as the bonus, Secret #13 (along with my hand-written journal notes on its discovery) will be be available to purchasers 90 days of purchase (for security reasons).


Q: Is this a trading system?

A: No. This book teaches you 12 powerful methods to forecast important market turn points.

Q: Are these secrets "subjective"?

A: Absolutely not. Each secret is taught in "step-by-step" fashion.

Q: Can these forecasting secrets be used in any market?

A: Nine of them, yes. Three of them are mostly used for the SP500, although you may find them applicable to others.

Q: What are "market turn points"?

A: Important TOPS and BOTTOMS.

Q. Do you have accuracy statistics for these forecasting secrets?

A. Statistics are not offered. These are the techniques I have found to be very powerful over my more than 3 decades of forecasting market turns. The testimonials best reflect how well this book has been received.

Q. Do I need to purchase additional software in order to use these secrets?

A. No. Access to price charts are required, but software is not required. However, Secret #12 is easier to calculate with the aid of a small inexpensive application offered by a third party, but is not required.

Q. How long does it take to ship internationally?

A. The USPS states that it will usually arrive within 6-10 business days, but they do not guarantee it. It can take longer. Please be patient as it will arrive. We usually ship the very next day, and it is trackable as each shipment requires a signature upon delivery.



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